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What is Viral Trons?

Viral Trons is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company, even though we leverage on the network marketing concept to generate and distribute wealth. We are more of a viral advertising company with viral products that enable our participants to promote their business(es) both online and offline.

How do I get paid?

Our payout is instant, however you have the opition to hold back your funds in the back office to enable you trnsfaer or Pay It Forward(PIF).

How does it Work?

 We have 6 compensation plans.

1- Uni-Level pays you instant 100% in your Tron wallet.

2- Our 2x1 Matrix needs 2 sales to cycle (Pays 100% to you & sponsor).

3- Feeder provides automated upgrades for our 2x1 Matrices.

4- Booster provides automated upgrades for our Uni-Level.

5- Blaster provides the following: 10% instant profits from all 3 sales on your 1st level. 40% instant profits from all 9 sales on your 2nd level. Plus, when you cycle: 6 automated re-entries in our Feeder and Booster that goes to fill your sponsor's current matrices.

6. Ultimate Blaster Plus which provides IDS, IRB, Re-entry and Upgrades plus Multiple entries to our Blaster.

What is PIF?

PIF means Pay-It-Forward, this allows you to pay for product packages for any registered member of Viral Trons community.

What happens when my referral cycles?

When your referrals cycle, all those re-entries goes to fill your current matrices.

Is there a winning Strategy?

Start by PIFing our Uni-Level com plan packages first since you earn a 100% instant (IDS) profit that makes you get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY... So you can then PIF our 2x1 matrix that pays you and your sponsor 100% profits.

What happend if my 3 direct dont refer anyone and the 9 people in 2nd line also dont refer?

Entries, Re-entries and upgrades can help fill your matrix but it is important you teach your referrals to duplicate your work, if not everyone might get stucked. 

Do I really need to refer before cycle?

In our 3x2 matrices it is possible for you to cycle even if you refer no one since you can get overspill. Plus if you have only one referral and they cycle before you, then they come and automatically position themselves below you to help you cycle.

Is it possible to earn as a Free member?

Yes. Since our Blaster and Ultimate Blaster Plus pay you IRB (Instant Referral Bonus) on all purchases by your referrals.

How does the Spillover Work?

This is how spillover works. Because your sponsor is ONLY allowed to have three postions directly under him, his new sales will fall under his first three (3) from left to right. You can get 3 spillover from sponsor in your 1st line.  

Is this an Investment program?

No. This is not an investment program. You purchase advertisement packages here and also bring in a minimum of 2 referrals. 

What is the lowest Cost?

The lowest cost package is $1 in the 2x1 Matrix,  Feeder, Booster, Blaster and Uni-level plans. The Ultimate Blaster Plus 1 starts at $100. You can read more about all the compensation plans and products here -

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